Premium CRM for Retail

Take advantage of iMerge retail CRM software to manage your ever-expanding retail chain network. Manage your entire retail network through a single interface rather than individually managing each retailer. Ensure optimal retail coverage and collect the maximum number of purchase orders from your available retail network. Now you can build a bigger business in less time with more efficiency.

Sell More With Your Network

Through retail CRM software, you can learn how to get the most value out of your retail network. Through direct and consistent collaboration with your retailers, you can improve visibility for your products, which will increase sales.

Plan daily store visits, Capture more customer information, Predict upcoming store orders based on previous purchases, Enhance customer experience, and personalize customer interactions.

Smooth Selling and Retail

Through iMerge Retail CRM, you can manage all aspects of your retail operations in a single system. Your CRM solution manages the entire process from the moment your distribution team receives a lead to the moment the product is delivered to the store. You can monitor the ongoing processes on your Smartphone or on your PC. 


Maximize the efficiency of your retail operations by successfully managing your distribution network, product stock availability, and streamlining your workflow. 


Streamline your operations and eliminate friction points at managing your retail network. Create a strong customer experience management system to build long-term relationships and keep customers.

Support  Analytics 

Provide support to your customers even after a sale has been completed, and keep your supply chain running smoothly. Use your customers’ feedback to modify your offering with emerging trends.

Multichannel Reporting

You can gather detailed customer information from across multiple touchpoints with the retail CRM’s inbuilt reporting engine. It provides several custom reports based on the collected data. You can use this to identify your customer base, channel partners, or consumer purchase patterns. Analyzing these data exponentially improves your business growth.

Customer Support

Build strong relationships with your entire retail chain network by providing omnichannel retail CRM support. You can handle customer complaints, exchanges, and returns, and help customers resolve problems on their own. You can do this with a robust retail CRM system.


The Results

Reatail customers have felt that iMerge CRM has solved many of their everyday queries. iMerge helps Retailers to increase their sales and reduce their stress. 


Increase In Productivty


Increase IN Sales


Decrease in Meetings


Decrease in Emails

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