Frequently asked questions

What is this Cost per Lead model CPL and how does it work ?

Cost per Lead (CPL) is a lead generation model where you as a Seller/Retailer pays for the number of prospective customer inquiries received At iMerge, we understand your business requirements and execute various marketing advertisements to fetch the right inquiries for you. We will charge you only for your exclusive leads, as per our Tariff. T&C apply.

Does a Lead given to me get shared with my competitors ?

No, Your Lead is just for You

Do I have to enrol for a minimum lock-in period in this platform ?

No, There is no minimum lock-in term. You can recharge when you want Leads

What are the ways in which iMerge generates leads ?

We use multiple marketing channels to source leads for your business, such as Google, Social media, Referrals, Voice, AI Chatbots, Beacons and much more…. T&C apply

Can I get replacement if I am not satisfied with the given leads ?

No refund or replacement shall be accepted for the leads given

Can I add more than 1 business for lead generation ?

Yes, You can select the Add new business option. However, every business is unique and has to be recharged for, separately

Can I change the data in my profile ?

Yes, you can. Click on the Service Request option and submit your request. A request number will be raised immediately and shall be updated upon iMerge approval

Where can I see and track my leads ?

Leads are generated in online and offline methods. When the customer agrees to LIVE Connect, leads can be viewed on Voice logs. When a customer wants to chat instead of call, the chat details of the customer is displayed here.

How does the validity work ?

We will share leads for your business as and when we we receive. This is the maximum tenure within which we will fulfil the requirement as per the agreed tariff.

I need some clarifications regarding the process. How do I connect ?

We have an embedded Chat option in your seller login. You may have a LIVE chat with me during office hours or visit the Contact us page and choose how to interact with us. Happy to service, anytime !

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