Voice Announcement

You work hard, spend huge money and use multiple options to generate leads for your business. 


Wouldn't it be great if you could reach out to your Ad viewers right away? With iMerge Live Connect, You can!

Get instantly connected with your prospective customers directly from your social handles for all your Digital campaigns.


You can now convert the views and likes of your digital campaign (Ads) into an instant call connect with your team.

Stop receiving just Clicks or Likes! It's LIVE connect now..

Who benefits this ?

  • Sole proprietorship & SME

  • Real estate companies

  • DSA's

  • Time share / Luxury holidays / Hotels

  • Any Business group that focuses on Online sales conversions

Our product is a disciplined B2B marketing process that understands, supports and delivers the different dynamics, budgets, and expectations of each Business type starting from startups to corporates and MNCs at affordable pricing.