Powerful CRM for Your Hotel

Customer acquisition is becoming more difficult for hotels due to increased competition. In order to get more leads, they need to capture the details of all their potential customers across multiple channels. With iMerge CRM hotel inquiries are automatically captured from live chat, email, and web forms.

Enriches each prospect’s details based on their social profiles. Assigns prospects to the appropriate agent automatically based on resort location, preferences, etc., and notifies them via email. Tracks and captures potential customer activities on your website.

Personalized Customer Information

iMerge provides a 360-degree view of your guests, which is essential for earning their trust. Understanding their needs will help you earn their loyalty. Page views, interactions with your website, and conversations with your agents are all compiled in a neat chronological order. You can view highlights on modules or integrations on the highlights card, while the summary card provides a summary of the contact’s details. Create personalized email templates and send bulk emails from the CRM with the built-in phone Get real-time email alerts when emails are opened and clicked.



Solve Customer Enquiries Faster

With hotel CRM software like iMerge, you can easily resolve this issue by integrating it with customer support software. Your sales teams can respond to inquiries from guests in the shortest amount of time. Facilitates collaboration between sales and service teams Provides context for every customer’s inquiry so that you don’t have to start from scratch, respond faster to inquiries, thereby increasing guest satisfaction.


Customer Engagement

If you want to keep your customers at the center of your business, it isn’t enough to manage them. You need to find out who your most frequent and valuable customers are, and then develop relationships with them. Customer retention is an important value proposition for the hospitality industry. Keep your customers engaged with effective, personalized communication to improve customer retention. Your sales team can send tailored messages to prospects based on their inquiries, preferences, and stage of the buying cycle with iMerge. Automate all marketing communication based on prospect behavior Send welcome emails to new guests, discount emails for a guest’s birthday, or SMS for an anniversary Send customized email series to prospects and convert leads to customers.

Track Metrics Effectively

Hotel CRM software simplifies complicated data into visual reports. You will be able to view historical booking channels, lengths of stays, cancellation patterns, prices paid, etc., in different seasons. You can use standard or custom reports to pull any customer data from the CRM for your hotel managers, and let iMerge generate these reports. You can view multiple sales reports on one screen and follow the status of your weekly or monthly bookings by setting up a dashboard.

The Results

Hotels have felt that using iMerge CRM helps them to connect to their guests at the right time. Sales can be tracked effectively to improve.


Increase In Productivty


Increase IN Sales


Decrease in Meetings


Decrease in Emails

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