Best CRM For Education

iMerge CRM technology manages the whole process from inquiries, enrollment, alumni, and beyond in the education industry. The CRM can handle several micro-processes, the most important ones are streamlining students,  applicant communication, and applicant tracking.

iMerge collects student leads from sources like social media, ads, websites, and education marketplaces. Furthermore, it distributes them automatically to counselors, tracks students’ activities, and ensures a follow-up with prospective students.

Why iMerge CRM is Necessary for Colleges.

To meet the enrolment targets, universities must track every interaction with students, make sure they’re in line with university guidelines, and remove any potential bottlenecks in the admission process. Colleges and universities use CRM to schedule campus tours, manage student applications, automate email and text messaging, manage counselors, manage documents, and manage payments. CRM software is essential for the education sector since it helps maintain relationships with students and alumni.

Paperless Fast Service

Boost application completion by making the process paperless with self-serve forms. Students can continue filling in the application later. Counselors should be notified about the application status and gently remind students to complete the application.

Enhanced Student Experience 

Engage your students through your website, advertising, and social media. Track their activity and assist them with the appropriate information at the right time based on activity tracking.


Applicant Maintenance

You can automate the assignment of new student leads to counselors automatically, based on several factors, including campus location and counselor availability. Calculate student scores and qualify them automatically, and help counselors prioritize following up with shortlisted candidates.

Application Status Tracking

You can track the status of applications, inform students of missing or incorrect information, and shortlist students.


The Results

Colleges using iMerge CRM have been benefitted in several ways and have improved their sales by automating several manual works and concentrating on education quality.


Increase In Productivty


Increase IN Sales


Decrease in lead leakage


personalized conversations

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