Email Organizer

Organize Emails into TicketsHappyFox Email Ticketing System lets you categorize your tickets, provide the desired status and priority and also assign it to the support staff of your choice. With custom filters to group and sort tickets, you can search for tickets in no time. Simplify your work further with the help of tags to differentiate tickets and index them better

Get more productivePerform ticketing actions like cloning, merging, relating and splitting to smoothen your ticket tracking process. Perform mass actions like reply, print, change status, etc so that you never have to individually sit and update multiple tickets.

Measure and improve processesMeasure key metrics like first response time, staff time spent on tickets, etc. Drive your email ticketing process by data. Prioritize support tickets using the SLA performance measures.

Monitor ticketsGet updates on critical customer interactions by subscribing to tickets. Ensure no important ticket ever misses its SLA by prioritizing and subscribing to them.

Communicate contextuallyShare constant updates with your customers about the status of their issues. Accelerate standard responses using pre-defined email content. To gain complete visibility of all the actions on a ticket, view ticket history from the activity log.

Collaborate effectivelyThe ‘Private notes’ feature on HappyFox lets you communicate confidentially within your team. Forward tickets with all their information to collaborate with allied teams and speed up your work.