Accelerate your business using the power of iMerge Call Center.

Why your call center needs iMerge Call Center ?

Increase your agent productivity and boost your business revenue using iMerge call center . Our solution has features to resolve customer queries and to manage the inbound and out bound calls at faster resolution rates and also increases business productivity in an efficient manner. Get started quickly and boost your company scale.

Advantages of our Call Center solution:

Integrate with CRM:

Customize our call center with with your CRM for optimizing lead generation process. Nurture your leads faster with lesser response time. By customizing with CRM understand the call status with detailed report.

Reduce your effort and time:

By importing all the customer details reduce the manual effort of dialing the number every time.

Reduce idle time:

Reduce your employee’s idle time between one customer call to other customer calls and increase the performance of your employees.

Create campaigns:

Use as a telemarketing campaign to publish advertisements, offers and announcement to your leads. Our dialer makes call automation easier.

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