How can your business benefit from voice announcement?

Reach great level of audience in fewer clicks:

Today the business communication is trying hard to get more attention from their leads or customers. In such scenario iMerge voice announcement helps you to reach thousands of leads or customers in a single time.

Ringing calls are hard to ignore. So, use iMerge voice calls to notify new deals, new offers and capture individual response.

Blast a bulk of voice message and capture your customer in a single click with our voice broadcasting solution.

These types of campaigns will boost your ROI and give you better customer experience with their high level of personalization.

With iMerge live, connect with your ad viewers instantly

Convert your ad viewers into your customer just by making their views and likes into instant call with your team.

Software based solutions are easy and cost-effective to reach customers. You can pay for what you use.

Track and monitor lead report every time. Improve your next campaign and meet customer requirement.

Multifarious usage of voice announcement like business notification, campaigns, emergency alerts, customer survey and feedback will boost your business productivity.

Our B2B marketing products can be altered to support and match customer expectation starting from startups to corporate companies.

We offer most comprehensive and flexible service in the market today which will help in your business growth.

Voice Announcement

Your Business Broadcaster

Why your business needs an all-in-one tool for lead capturing to customer retention?