Accelerate your business using the power of iMerge CRM.

How an organization gets benefited by iMerge email organizer?

Clutter of customer emails falling in your inbox daily will leave you scrambling to choose which one requires more attention and which one requires less attention.

Our email organizer will convert your emails to ticket, categorize and assign it to the desired staff of your support team. This is a way to make sure you don’t miss any of the customer request or queries.

As soon as the ticket is created assign it to the respective agent who is capable of resolving the issue. This will give you better customer experience and high business production.

Solution to make things easier!

Calculate first response and resolution time, time spent on each ticket. Make sure no important ticket misses SLA by prioritizing your tickets.

iMerge email organizer has special features like cloning, merging, relating and splitting to smoothen your ticket tracking process. Update your ticket status automatically instead of changing it individually every time.

This organizer is a way to monitor your customer service. Customer satisfaction is very important for every business. get your feedback about your service through our email organizer.

For the visibility of all the actions you can visit the ticket history. All the changes made will be captured and stored which can be used in future for customer interaction.

Simplify your work and save your precious time by using Custom filters to sort and arrange your tickets so that you can search your ticket in no time.

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