Accelerate your business using the power of iMerge CRM.

Real-time employee tracking software to maximize your team’s productivity:

Get detailed data about the websites and software used by the employees during working hours in office using iMerge employee tracker.

Avoid delayed delivery of your service. Make sure your employees don’t deviate from their task using route-map tracking. Monitor how many customers they visit per day. It helps to increase the employee productivity.

Create in-depth custom reports for payment details, new orders or customer feedback. Get customer details as an authentication of visit. Assign it to each and every employee and monitor your employee’s performance using custom report.

Want to see whether your each passing day is utilized productively?

Our real-time location tracking helps you to track your employee’s location during working hours, who are all present in meeting and who is wasting time in their working hours.

Geo-tagged attendance will record accurate time and location of employee’s punch-in time and punch-out time. make sure every employee following the rules pf the company.

Track leaves of your employees by building leave management system. Get immediate report regarding employees shift, who is absent or leave.

Route-distance calculator helps you to calculate accurate distance travelled by employee each day to deliver the service. Pay conveyance charge according to the accurate calculate and save money for your business.

Employee tracker can be used in various fields like business, educational institution and finance. Our solution is secure and protect your confidential data.

Create schedules to every employee and monitor how many schedules they have completed and how many is pending. Keep control of your employees and make your business and team productive.

Employee Tracker

Your Employee efficiency tracker

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