Creating a 360° View of the Patient in a Centralized Platform.

We improved patient onboarding with digital forms, created workflows to automate physician referrals, and unified patient data to provide a 360-degree view of our patients.


Company Name:                                                BeWell Hospitals.

Key Challenge:

  • Difficult to manage leads from various sources.
  • Delayed access to life-saving treatments.
  • The patient’s status was on Paper forms and, manual forms, this took time to solve and address issues.
  • Patient consent and feedback did not reach the right place for the changes to be made.


  • Customizing Health Cloud to centralize data in one location – providing a 360-degree view of each patient and a seamless referral process for doctors. 
  • Providing 24/7 customer support to manage bookings and quries. 



There were several issues related to fragmented patient information: 

Managing leads from different channels was tough to manage and this led to loose patients who trust the service and come forward. Patient eligibility was determined manually using time-consuming, paper-based forms – delaying life-saving treatment. All consents were collected using paper-based forms, which further delayed treatment. Some patient data had to be manually entered. Several disparate systems made it difficult for doctors across the organization to work together and completely understand the patient. The process of referring patients to the right doctor was highly manual and time-consuming.

Analyzing Our Problem

A centralized data system would provide better, faster insights into patients iMerge brainstormed how to develop an ideal system that can generate automated and real-time reports based on a 360° patient view in order to enable decision-making among key stakeholders.

To advance its process, iMerge recommended that the company require a platform that allows for secure record storage, digital signing, and automated workflows.


Creating A Custom Solution

Patients’ eligibility is verified with lightning-fast electronic forms. Patient consent is obtained through digital signature, ensuring that treatment is not delayed.Patient data is imported into one secure system, ensuring central access.

Throughout the organization, stakeholders can easily generate reports to get a complete, 360-degree view of any patient. Patients are referred to high-quality physicians using an automated workflow.

Workflow Example 

Whenever a new appointment is created, the CRM system automatically notifies the patient and the physician in the appropriate language. A physician also receives a notification via email or text message (depending on their preferences). Notifications are also sent to assigned parties when significant events occur (rescheduling, canceling, no-shows, etc.).

A post-appointment survey link is sent via text message or email if the patient has visited the doctor. There are questions about how convenient the scheduling process was, as well as facility comfort, communication with the specialist, and more. Patients who fail to show up for appointments receive a brief survey with questions about automation, reasons for no-shows, and suggestions for improving the patient experience.



The Results

We have helped our client get a whole view of their patients. After implementing iMerge CRM  our client saw a number of immediate improvements.


Increase In Productivty


Increase IN Sales


Decrease in Meetings


Decrease in Emails

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